#FideLeon Lune De Miel // Part 09 - Honeymooners at Venice

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Wheeee this is part 09 of #FideLeonLuneDeMiel! :)

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We took a train bright and early from Zurich and transfer at milan to get to Venice!

Seat 61 which is a site that provides train travel information and advice was super helpful and It really saved me a ton of research on which train to take and which website to book and thru and essential information on different train stations.

Grabbed a couple of croissants at the bakery at Zurich HB and waiting for our trains, while waiting for our train to arrive (brrrrrr, it was freeeeezing and wanted to get more snacks for the train ride since we have the whole morning on the train.) and look what we found in the vending machine!

Swiss Cannabis iced tea, like WEED TEA?! Swiss people get high from vending machines?! hahaha i wish we have that in Singapore too, meh!

So after hours on the train we finaaaally arrived at Venezia S. Lucia train station! Like finally.

From the front of the train station we bought our water bus tickets and boarded the water bus and off we go! Weird fact of why we picked Venice as one of our honeymoon location in europe, I actually wanted to go to Venice because of Water 7 in One Piece! hahaha but it was inspired by Venice of course.

We stayed at this charming little hotel, AD Place Venice

This was the only hotel we stayed in for the length of our honeymoon! We were airbnb-ing the whole way and it was so fun to meet all of our warm local airbnb host(s) who gave us tonnes of great advice the whole way.

Love how this ultra bling gold sofa looks not how it feels when i sit on it hahaha. I guess in countries with cold weather it's fine since most of the time you're piling on layers and layers of clothing but in hot ass singapore i think my sweaty butt will just be stuck on that sofa's surface. GROSS!

We had some space in our room to store and open our luggage, thank god cos we are not light packers and we need like a zillion things for like a 2 night stay hahaha.

By the time we checked in, rest up a little it was about 5pm and TOTALLY dark out already so we followed the recommendation from the hotel concierge and went to this little restaurant near the hotel to grab some grub!

The waitress recommended this appetizer, I have no idea what it's called but we literally went WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST EAT?! The octopus is bloody huge, and it's not like the japanese version which is dainty and dripping with that delicious sweet sauce? This version is like HUGE and super chewy, no sauce/taste and i almost gagged eating that. hahaha

Oh but after that really weird appetizer, our mains were starting to look reeeeeeal good. Ahhhh I really kinda miss the pasta that we had there!

My tuna steak, was hands down one of the best I've had, no kidding.

This is how my hubby looks to me 90% of the time. I think he bears a slight resemblance to that octopus guy, Davy Jones in Pirates of the Carribeans, hmmm i wonder why. hahaha

Oh we were taking a short walk after dinner (it was bloody freezing so no long walks boo) and we saw this and we were like oh OK... the mannequins in Europe have to have their junks out in the open in this cold freezing weather? hahahaa

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick. 

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